Vintage Sunday Finds

Alice in Wonderland 1898

Ever since we moved to the mid west, the first Sunday of March
has meant the beginning of Antique show shopping season , after a long winter of going withou
The outdoor show season ends on October here.Some wonderful handmade Victorian Lace collars, dress pieces and trims

Now there are indoor shows if one is willing to drive a little ways, but for me this one has meant the start of a new year for eight years now.

We were so busy this weekend , but I was determined to start my vintage shopping
calendar year out co
rrectly .By the time we got done with the Girl Scout "Around the World Tea Tasting", we had a 40 minute drive North, and then a total of only 40 minutes to shop the whole show before it closed. (ahh panic! )
It was definitely the ultimate vintage power shopping! (Focused and onward!)

I collect vintage shoes , so I was thrilled with the child's and lady's pair that I found together.
The Alice book from 1898 with the original illustrations I just loved. I also discovered some stunning Victorian dress pieces and trims like the one in the picture below. Look at all of the handwork!
Not too shabby for 40 minutes, but practice makes perfect, and I am ready for the season to start!

Hopefully, I will get a chance to play with my little treasures soon.

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