Artful Mess Going On

Convenzione 2009 is almost here!

Right now at this moment , the studio is in complete utter chaos as I get ready to do all of my shipping today for Convenzione in Pleasanton Ca. Trust me, you do not want to see this, I was just barely able to find my way out to take a short lunch break here at the computer.
So instead I will put some pretty little pictures of some new broken china jewelry pieces I have done, and are com
ing with me.
Of course we all usually put our best foot forward when blogging our photos , but I find today extremely ironic and humorous as huge boxes , bubble wrap , tissue, and clutter have surrounded me all morning.
The Art Paperie and Pleasantries sale will take place at the Alameda County Fairgrounds May 2-3
Don't miss this one if you are in the area.

Click on the above icon for more inormation on this wonderful event and who will be there!

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