May 22, 2009

Guess what was in the mail today!


Guess what came in the mail today...
One of my favorites yeah!,
And, I am in there too some
where ( LOL).
I will be up reading all these wond
erful goodies all night!

I finally retrieved the photos from my phone of the "Let them Eat Cake" workshop ( I let the phone live, just barely), taught by the wonderful Mica Garbarino of Garboodles.
The pictures came out really blurry and icky , so Mica was gracious to let me borrow some of her photos from her blog.

This is wonderful and sweet Mica and Lisa, and me at
Convenzione 2009.

The class!

Mica taught this wonderful workshop called "Let them Eat Cake"
These are the fabulous creations of Kathleen and Diane , 2 of the three sisters of I had workshops with these fun ladies both days.
This is Lana whom I actually met the first night, and was lucky to enjoy the workshop with her the next day. She is a wonderful lady and hilariously funny.
The official line up!

Now this lady is home, and she is now and forever Reagan's lady. I don't think Reagan has officially given her a name yet, but she loves her very much. Thanks Mica!

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  1. Thanks for your comment ~ I only just got on board the last two episodes, but was just hooked ~ lol!

    Anyway, your creation is so darling, of course!

    I'm loving my charm necklace I got from you too, lots of compliments ~ I'll steer them your way!

    xo Heidi


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