Return From Convenzione 2009!

Ok, I am back in body if not in mind quite yet from Convenzione 2009 that was held in Pleasanton California.

I had so much fun!

The first workshop I took was talented Mica Gabarino of Garboodles
"Let them eat c
I loved this class!
But, I forgot my camera this d
ay and had to take pictures in my phone.

Apparently, shaking the phone and demanding, "Come out come out wherever you are!" does not work on this sort of application. So the busy , and highly in demand electronically, 16 year old is going to get them out of it for me over the weekend . I will post them as soon as he does. I took this class with the wonderful Lana, Diane , and Kathleen. If you have pictures ladies I would love some!This is my BFF Barbara ,( whom I worked to death all weekend ) but I think we laughed for 5 days straight!
Also many new friends like Deborah from ""

and Jill of ""

This is the sweet Heidi of "Birds of a Feather", and wonderful Ruth Rae
(I just can't wait to get reorganized, and all caught up, so I can sit down and watch her new DVD!)
Goals , light at the end of the tunnel....

Julie Bergmann and Heidi. Don't miss Julie's wonderful article in new Somerset Studio just out.
Very funny and sweet Lisa Kettell
Lisa's new book is "Altered Art Circus"
Lisa~ sorry I don't know how to photo shop us with a super fabulous tan! I
will have to leave that expertise up to you.
Too Fun Fun Fun!!

The lovely Iva, of Iva's Creations ,and the lamp I made in her fabulous class."Queen of ZNE"
I think we were both pooped at this point, but Chel looks great.

So many wonderful creations to be seen everywhere you looked!
I just want to say ,"The wonderful fabulously talented" should go before each and every one of these ladies pictures, as well as the ladies I did not get the opportunity to meet at Convenzione. I could see all of the amazing make and take classes going on, but I was vending and did not get the opportunity to take them. I wish I could have taken every one! I am glad I was able to attend this year.

This I was excited to receive this creation just before I left for California . It is from sweet Wendy of
We were partners in Maria at Junkdrawer's Marie Antoinette swap. Thank you Wendy!

Exciting News!

Last but not least exciting news!!!!
I am excited to let you know that as promised, -and on time -(yeah light pat on back)
The "Creer Avec Moi" blog site is now official and live!

This is a blog for super fun vintage inspiration mixed media kits that I will be listing every month.
Come check it out and have fun
Create with Me!
Ps: Giveaway Alert!
In honor of the first post for Creer Avec Moi, (and just because I love giveaways,) I will
be giving away one of the vintage inspiration kits. Simply leave a comment on the initial post of
Creer Avec Moi
and I will draw the winner next Friday May 15.

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