Who do we have here....?

Today I would like to introduce you to Priscilla.

Named after the Roman Empress (and because her parents are particularly fond of the letter P),Priscilla Pocus is the middle child of 5 sisters. Her birthday is May 13 which also happens to be her favorite number, coming from such a large family of witches.
Among her favorite pastimes are making innocent mischief, and taking tea. Usually in that order of preference.
She ususally likes to be out and about in the world, but when at home, she loves to play in vintage jewel boxes , and admire vintage jewelry , of which she is an avid collector herself.

Priscilla is currently being offered as one of a kind, on the www.staffordshiregarden.com website.

I am still trying to retrieve the photos from my wonderful class with Mica "Let them Eat Cake" at Convenzione from my phone. 16 year old tells me I need a special driver . ???? ok,
we will let him handle that one, and hopefully I will have them by this weekend.

There is still a little time to enter the drawing for the Marie Antoinette Canvas Book kit on Creer Avec Moi . Sign ups for the drawing end at midnight tonight, and the winner will be drawn tomorrow! Yeah!
There are only 3 kits left available for purchase. Remember that if you purchase one , and then win the drawing , I will refund your entire purchase including shipping!

For those who do not yet know, Creer Avec Moi is my new blog , on which I am adding really fun vintage inspired mixed media kits for you to create with every month. There is also a Flickr group to post photos of what you have made with your kits, your art creations to share with everyone. I am excited about this fun group, and anxious to see everyone's fabulous creations!
Also , Sweet Deborah of www.starrynightimpressions.blogspot.com
is having a wonderful givaway with all sorts of wonderful things from Convenzione 2009. Give her a visit and leave a comment on her blog to enter.

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