A Few New / Old Things

A few things Reagan and I picked up while at the Antique market .
Some more tiny shoes for my ever growing collection.

The more worn the children's shoes are the more I like them.
Because I like to imagine they were well play
ed in, and all of the fun they must have enjoyed before it was time to retire them for a new pair.

These we found at the last minute, and I was so excited.
Beautiful Vintage czech glass stays and lots of beading remnants.

Ooh the Halloween ideas are brewing now.....

But, they will have to wait,
se I have a date with a mouse!
Yes, that's right.
We will be attending the ball,
and tea,
and will have all sorts of magical "tales" to tell when we return.
she will be available on my etsy store

I will be back on the June 17 th ,
refreshed and replenished with my "magical fix" for the year.

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