Some Reasons I Love Kentucky, and Studio Happenings

A few reasons I love Kentucky....

unreal shades of green

How my mind pictures "the road less traveled".

Random wild flowers

Gorgeous gym with no monthly membership fees!

because I just like to look at it.

WHAT THE??????? OK, so it totally gave me the heebee geebees just to photograph this for you. I cannot get used to the prehistoric looking bugs that I randomly see. This caterpillar like creature also swims!
Really Don't want to know what he's going to be when he grows up!

Reagan and I have been going out with Mason while he practices running for the upcoming cross country season, and this is a 122 acre public park one mile away from our house. The trails ,are updated from old 1800s logging trails. There is a 210 ft descent into the park , which is why Mason runs it (for the hill work).

On to the studio.....

offered now on Staffordshire Garden Designs site
for Make Mine Pink Friday
"Seaside Cottage" theme

2009 Halloween Witches Sneek Peek (SHHH)
backed with mysterious magical vintage mirrors....

coming soon.

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