Come Join Me at The Haunted Masquerade and One more Halloween Giveaway

You are cordially invited

to come join the fun!

For the Haunted Masquerade blog party I wanted to do something really fun and different for a giveaway.

Here it is....
The Giveaway!

How many vintage doll heads do you think are in this jar?

Go ahead and take a guess. The party guest that leaves a comment with a guess that comes the closest
But oh my, my ,what do you win?


One of my Hocus Pocus Witch Stick Dolls made with one of the vintage German doll heads,


Some Spooky Haunted trees to add to your own haunted creations!

I will draw the winner Monday at midnight.

And, we mustn't forget the winner of the Halloween necklace , Halloween Chocolate, and Hocus Pocus doll box is ....

and the winner is ...
Maggi of "just add glitter and stir"!

s Maggi!

Thank you so much for joining the masquerade!

PS: Well friends , I have just completely dated myself with the song for the Masquerade blog party , LOL, but it is all in fun!

until next time.....

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