And the winners are....

And the winners are.....

Well for the tree game we have quite a conundrum. So many close guesses!
Reagan has given an official tree count and,
Shannon of got the closest guess at 42 before the Sunday midnight deadline. However, Kath hit it dead on at 43 trees on Monday . SOOOO......
Congratulations to Both!


Shannon will receive trees and the chocolate. Reagan is very disappointed that I do not have 2 sets of the vintage wrapped chocolate bars to give both ladies , but Kath will also receive trees and something else special from the studio.


And now onto the songs . I love each and every one of those too!
Reagan and I are singing Christmas songs right now as we post this, through AOL Radio streaming on the computer. She and I start looking for Christmas stations in the beginning of November!


Reagan (official giveaway management ) has selected the winner through random number generator.
Congratulations to Olivia Paige at !!!


She will receive one the Holiday doll boxes.
Congratulations to all of these ladies . Thank you to everyone who participated , and just dropped by for a visit! It was a lot of fun, and I love hearing from you all.


I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.
Reagan and I have a long list of Christmas-y things we have been planning to do .
I think first on the list is Gingerbread! Jeffrey will be home from college in just a few
hours and he has put in his requests for his Christmas-y to do list as well.blog12
Of course they all know they will have to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" and then play the "Wonderful Life" board game!!!!! (that's on my list) and Jeffrey is getting pretty good. (he actually beat me last year) and that is no easy task let me tell you.


First up for 2010?
January workshops at Pasadena Bead and Design Show.
you can sign up at

You can also see the rest of the workshops going on at the show
here: Pasadena workshops


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