Happy Holidays!

Wow , it is already part way through Dec.!

With my schedule this year, I have been doing almost all custom orders through emails or phone . Therefore, if you would like something, and don't see all of my usual Holiday Christmas items up , feel free to email me or call . I took down the Holiday charms and ornaments from last year , because I like to keep doing fresh pieces , and not repeat over and over.
I do apologize for my horrible blog etiquette in posting. I love to post, but as we all know it takes time, and I feel guilty doing it when I am backed up in the studio.

The new winter 2010 Belle Armoire Jewelry has arrived on stands , and is just wonderful.
My friend Kecia has a wonderful article on page 36. I thought this was just a beautiful issue. I also am honored as always to have an article on page 76.

(TEE HEE) What these girls have to go through in my studio!
I have some more vintage frozen charlotte dolls available for you to create with on my website. Limited numbers available (tiny hats not included!)

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