Parade of the Island of Misfit Toys!

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Reagan and I were watching Rudolph the other night . I have always loved the island of misfit toys.
Reagan and I thought we should have a parade with the new Christmas dolls , and the fact that all of my dolls are repurposed in s
ome way , and usually altered assemblage vintage pieces, we thought "The Parade of the Island of Misfit Toys" to be very appropriate.

And so on to the parade....


I thought the last giveaway with the doll heads was a lot of fun, so this time we are doing it with

Sugar Trees!!!

How many sugar trees are in the jar? Leave a little note with your guess, and the one that comes the closest will win 8 little sugar trees in your choice of pink or blue ,gift packaged just for you. And...

3 vintage wrapped gourmet chocolate bars.

One more giveaway...

Let me know what your all time favorite Holiday song EVER is.
The one that you start humming as soon as it turns chilly outside.
The one that brings out that Christmas spirit in you.
The one that you sing to yourself as you wait in those long lines!

I will pick a winner for this on Sunday at midnight.

The winner will receive one of my little wee doll boxes.

The dolls in the parade will be available on Etsy in just a little bit.

My Etsy Store

I hope everyone has a safe and Blessed holiday.
Wishing you joy in the new year.


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