Dec 17, 2009

Parade of the Island of Misfit Toys!

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Reagan and I were watching Rudolph the other night . I have always loved the island of misfit toys.
Reagan and I thought we should have a parade with the new Christmas dolls , and the fact that all of my dolls are repurposed in s
ome way , and usually altered assemblage vintage pieces, we thought "The Parade of the Island of Misfit Toys" to be very appropriate.

And so on to the parade....


I thought the last giveaway with the doll heads was a lot of fun, so this time we are doing it with

Sugar Trees!!!

How many sugar trees are in the jar? Leave a little note with your guess, and the one that comes the closest will win 8 little sugar trees in your choice of pink or blue ,gift packaged just for you. And...

3 vintage wrapped gourmet chocolate bars.

One more giveaway...

Let me know what your all time favorite Holiday song EVER is.
The one that you start humming as soon as it turns chilly outside.
The one that brings out that Christmas spirit in you.
The one that you sing to yourself as you wait in those long lines!

I will pick a winner for this on Sunday at midnight.

The winner will receive one of my little wee doll boxes.

The dolls in the parade will be available on Etsy in just a little bit.

My Etsy Store

I hope everyone has a safe and Blessed holiday.
Wishing you joy in the new year.



  1. Not sure how to do this as I have never done it before. But I loved viewing you creations! What talent you have. My guess for the sugar trees is 86. Oh, and the song I sing that most reminds me of the holidays is I'll Be Home for Christmas. It has a special meaning for me and always makes me remember my Dad when I hear it.

  2. Wow, I am DROOLING over your sweet doll boxes !!! They are too adorable, you are very talented :)

    I am adding you to my favorites :) Nice to meet you :)

    Ok, I guess 24 trees, and my all time favorite Christmas song is O' Holy Night. When they sing, "Fall to your knees, and hear the Angel voices" it brings me to tears every time :) Happy tears :)

    Thanks for hosting such a wonderful giveaway ! Have a Great night !! :)

  3. well you know I LOVE China doll heads too! Your dolly's are Magical! Great job. Would love to sign up for the give away as well. Wishing you a Merry Christmas, HUGS, Mica

  4. oh I forgot to put my guess in. I guess 22...Hugs, Mica

  5. Wonderful dolls & beautiful photography!
    I just adore those sweet wee trees.
    My guess is 51 trees in the jar.

    My very favorite holiday song(s) are Santa Baby (a guilty pleasure) and Carol Of The Bells.

    hugs & happy holidays

  6. Shari I love your work and found your article in Belle Armoire. I think there are 25 trees and I love the Charlie Brown Christmas song. It always makes me feel the magic I felt as a child at Christmas. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I'm going to guess....32. Your little boxes are absolutely adorable.
    Merry Christmas,

  8. Thanks for the give-a-way. So much fun. I am guessing 37 sugar trees.

    My favorite Christmas song is I'll Be Home For Christmas sung by Vince Gill.

    Very cute blog.

  9. Your work is darling; just found it on Flickr. I collect old doll heads. As for the bottle brush trees, I'll say 27.

  10. What a fun idea! My guess would be 15 trees. My song is Winter Wonderland. Your giveaways are so festive and fun! Happy Holidays!
    The Polka Dot Rose

  11. Oh dear, I hope I'm not posting twice! I didn't see my first post get saved.

    anyway, love the dolls and enjoyed the parade too!

    I am guessing 21 trees and my favorite Christmas song is White Christmas. Love the movie too.

  12. Hi Shari,
    I am in Love with your Parade of Misfits! I think I may need a Pink one before this is all over. I am definetly a Carol of the Bells fan, by Manheim Steamroller.
    Merry Christmas Shari!!

  13. I loved the parade of dolls! so cute. I may be so way off but I'm thinking that jar holds 14 sugar trees. Everyone guessed so much higher, maybe my eyes are going! The song that gets me moving in the Christmas direction is Santa Baby. Okay, I know, a little bit wacky but it's become such a joke in our family, it makes me giggle the first time I hear it. Coming in a close second is Dominic The Christmas Donkey. I never said my family was normal!
    Have a wonderful Christmas holiday,

  14. Hi Shari,
    I love your doll boxes! They are so cute! I think there are 42 trees in the jar. My favorite Christmas song is Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!


  15. Hi Shari.. I love your art. Thanks so much for including us in your contest! Just gorgeous and so fun!

    I think 20 sugar trees

    And I dont know why, but even as a kid my favorite Christmas song is Silver Bells. I sing it to my cats all the time. LOL I used to feel funny about admiting that, but just read somewhere that 59 percent of pet owners sing Christmas Carols to their pets! lol
    Thanks Again,,, Have a Very Merry Christmas! (()) gail

  16. Hi Again Shari,
    I forgot to leave my guess of trees, and I am thinking 45.
    Thanks Again,

  17. My guess is 21. One of my favorite Christmas songs is Silent Night.
    Beautiful creations as always.

  18. My guess on the trees is 37. Happy Holidays!
    theresa N

  19. I just saw this but think I am to late for the drawing. But wanted to say how cute your blog is and your give aways are beautiful. Kath' at

  20. Oh for the heck of it I forgot to guess the trees. I say 43. And my song is " Have a holly jolly Christmas". Kath'
    Stop by my site in January for some blog contest as well.

  21. Too Cute, Shari!

    I thought you had it with the witch art dolls and pumpkin fairies, but this is the best use of antique German doll heads yet!

    Merry Christmas!

    (Now, get back to work - you'll be here in CA soon!!!)


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