May 29, 2009

Today's goings on, and Broken China Jewelry Workshop News

The computer and I definately have an ongoing love hate relationship .
Today it almost lost out. It found itself in luck that the trash man , recycle guy, wasn't due to come by.
I do love that through the computer , I am able to see all of the wonderful images people post. I love that so many of them are vintage in nature, or just created completely by hand.
These are two things that stand in stark contrast to this heap of mass produced wires and motherboards. (sneak peek at my article in Belle Armoire Jewelry summer issue pg 122-124)

Handmade with love,care, and detail. Made with love care and detail 100 years ago. All of this I am able to look at and enjoy, and sometimes even able to purchase , on this mass produced mach
ine. You can also meet people who share the same passions. Across the country, or even across the globe. Wonderful people that would have never found you without this contraption.

I am not quite sure why I cannot approach the computer with the same amount of patience as when I am making something .
When I am trying a new process, tool, or chemical I have not yet used ,( I often say I have enough different chemicals now to probably make a bomb! LOL .
Just kidding : ), I probably just triggered a lot of bad stuff with that word. ) Oh well, we mad scientist/ mixed media artists understand. Anyhow, if I make a mistake , or the outcome isn't what I wanted, I go back to the drawing board and try again. Sometimes , not all is lost, and I can take a different direction with the mistake that was made.
However, when it comes to the computer I become impatient. Why so many processes, steps, and so many ways to the wrong outcome? Type send , Type send, that's what I would like. No disconnections, server interruptions, accidental closings, cannot complete task, file not found.
I can spend a solid week with no sleep on a project , or a month on something else going back from time to time , but if I cannot type something and cut and paste from one document to another in an hour my brain is fried. I often call 16 year old in, (my computer "guru" ) and just say, "Please just make it do this ", like it just wanted to be disobedient somehow to spite me.
Oh well, without it I know I would be lost.
Lost without all the beautiful blogs , and web sites, and Flickr (I do not even want to know what a Twitter is so don't tell me). My house might be cleaner, and my studio more organized , and everything would run like effiecient clockwork around the house, but what's the fun in that really?
Our relationship will go on , and I will try to be better and more patient on my end of it.
But, there better not be any funny business! (funny business)

On a completely different note....

3D Shadow Box House Pendant

I am excited to let you know that I will be teaching 2 workshops at the Pasadena Bead and Design Show this summer.

July 30- August 2

Vintage Broken China Jewelry Necklace Workshop

You can sign up to join me for these workshops on the Staffordshire Garden Designs website, or call 859-801-6622. Email at .
We're going to have a whole lot of fun!

May 22, 2009

Guess what was in the mail today!


Guess what came in the mail today...
One of my favorites yeah!,
And, I am in there too some
where ( LOL).
I will be up reading all these wond
erful goodies all night!

I finally retrieved the photos from my phone of the "Let them Eat Cake" workshop ( I let the phone live, just barely), taught by the wonderful Mica Garbarino of Garboodles.
The pictures came out really blurry and icky , so Mica was gracious to let me borrow some of her photos from her blog.

This is wonderful and sweet Mica and Lisa, and me at
Convenzione 2009.

The class!

Mica taught this wonderful workshop called "Let them Eat Cake"
These are the fabulous creations of Kathleen and Diane , 2 of the three sisters of I had workshops with these fun ladies both days.
This is Lana whom I actually met the first night, and was lucky to enjoy the workshop with her the next day. She is a wonderful lady and hilariously funny.
The official line up!

Now this lady is home, and she is now and forever Reagan's lady. I don't think Reagan has officially given her a name yet, but she loves her very much. Thanks Mica!

May 13, 2009

Who do we have here....?

Today I would like to introduce you to Priscilla.

Named after the Roman Empress (and because her parents are particularly fond of the letter P),Priscilla Pocus is the middle child of 5 sisters. Her birthday is May 13 which also happens to be her favorite number, coming from such a large family of witches.
Among her favorite pastimes are making innocent mischief, and taking tea. Usually in that order of preference.
She ususally likes to be out and about in the world, but when at home, she loves to play in vintage jewel boxes , and admire vintage jewelry , of which she is an avid collector herself.

Priscilla is currently being offered as one of a kind, on the website.

I am still trying to retrieve the photos from my wonderful class with Mica "Let them Eat Cake" at Convenzione from my phone. 16 year old tells me I need a special driver . ???? ok,
we will let him handle that one, and hopefully I will have them by this weekend.

There is still a little time to enter the drawing for the Marie Antoinette Canvas Book kit on Creer Avec Moi . Sign ups for the drawing end at midnight tonight, and the winner will be drawn tomorrow! Yeah!
There are only 3 kits left available for purchase. Remember that if you purchase one , and then win the drawing , I will refund your entire purchase including shipping!

For those who do not yet know, Creer Avec Moi is my new blog , on which I am adding really fun vintage inspired mixed media kits for you to create with every month. There is also a Flickr group to post photos of what you have made with your kits, your art creations to share with everyone. I am excited about this fun group, and anxious to see everyone's fabulous creations!
Also , Sweet Deborah of
is having a wonderful givaway with all sorts of wonderful things from Convenzione 2009. Give her a visit and leave a comment on her blog to enter.

May 7, 2009

Return From Convenzione 2009!

Ok, I am back in body if not in mind quite yet from Convenzione 2009 that was held in Pleasanton California.

I had so much fun!

The first workshop I took was talented Mica Gabarino of Garboodles
"Let them eat c
I loved this class!
But, I forgot my camera this d
ay and had to take pictures in my phone.

Apparently, shaking the phone and demanding, "Come out come out wherever you are!" does not work on this sort of application. So the busy , and highly in demand electronically, 16 year old is going to get them out of it for me over the weekend . I will post them as soon as he does. I took this class with the wonderful Lana, Diane , and Kathleen. If you have pictures ladies I would love some!This is my BFF Barbara ,( whom I worked to death all weekend ) but I think we laughed for 5 days straight!
Also many new friends like Deborah from ""

and Jill of ""

This is the sweet Heidi of "Birds of a Feather", and wonderful Ruth Rae
(I just can't wait to get reorganized, and all caught up, so I can sit down and watch her new DVD!)
Goals , light at the end of the tunnel....

Julie Bergmann and Heidi. Don't miss Julie's wonderful article in new Somerset Studio just out.
Very funny and sweet Lisa Kettell
Lisa's new book is "Altered Art Circus"
Lisa~ sorry I don't know how to photo shop us with a super fabulous tan! I
will have to leave that expertise up to you.
Too Fun Fun Fun!!

The lovely Iva, of Iva's Creations ,and the lamp I made in her fabulous class."Queen of ZNE"
I think we were both pooped at this point, but Chel looks great.

So many wonderful creations to be seen everywhere you looked!
I just want to say ,"The wonderful fabulously talented" should go before each and every one of these ladies pictures, as well as the ladies I did not get the opportunity to meet at Convenzione. I could see all of the amazing make and take classes going on, but I was vending and did not get the opportunity to take them. I wish I could have taken every one! I am glad I was able to attend this year.

This I was excited to receive this creation just before I left for California . It is from sweet Wendy of
We were partners in Maria at Junkdrawer's Marie Antoinette swap. Thank you Wendy!

Exciting News!

Last but not least exciting news!!!!
I am excited to let you know that as promised, -and on time -(yeah light pat on back)
The "Creer Avec Moi" blog site is now official and live!

This is a blog for super fun vintage inspiration mixed media kits that I will be listing every month.
Come check it out and have fun
Create with Me!
Ps: Giveaway Alert!
In honor of the first post for Creer Avec Moi, (and just because I love giveaways,) I will
be giving away one of the vintage inspiration kits. Simply leave a comment on the initial post of
Creer Avec Moi
and I will draw the winner next Friday May 15.