Dec 23, 2009

And the winners are....

And the winners are.....

Well for the tree game we have quite a conundrum. So many close guesses!
Reagan has given an official tree count and,
Shannon of got the closest guess at 42 before the Sunday midnight deadline. However, Kath hit it dead on at 43 trees on Monday . SOOOO......
Congratulations to Both!


Shannon will receive trees and the chocolate. Reagan is very disappointed that I do not have 2 sets of the vintage wrapped chocolate bars to give both ladies , but Kath will also receive trees and something else special from the studio.


And now onto the songs . I love each and every one of those too!
Reagan and I are singing Christmas songs right now as we post this, through AOL Radio streaming on the computer. She and I start looking for Christmas stations in the beginning of November!


Reagan (official giveaway management ) has selected the winner through random number generator.
Congratulations to Olivia Paige at !!!


She will receive one the Holiday doll boxes.
Congratulations to all of these ladies . Thank you to everyone who participated , and just dropped by for a visit! It was a lot of fun, and I love hearing from you all.


I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.
Reagan and I have a long list of Christmas-y things we have been planning to do .
I think first on the list is Gingerbread! Jeffrey will be home from college in just a few
hours and he has put in his requests for his Christmas-y to do list as well.blog12
Of course they all know they will have to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" and then play the "Wonderful Life" board game!!!!! (that's on my list) and Jeffrey is getting pretty good. (he actually beat me last year) and that is no easy task let me tell you.


First up for 2010?
January workshops at Pasadena Bead and Design Show.
you can sign up at

You can also see the rest of the workshops going on at the show
here: Pasadena workshops


Dec 17, 2009

Parade of the Island of Misfit Toys!

To the p

Reagan and I were watching Rudolph the other night . I have always loved the island of misfit toys.
Reagan and I thought we should have a parade with the new Christmas dolls , and the fact that all of my dolls are repurposed in s
ome way , and usually altered assemblage vintage pieces, we thought "The Parade of the Island of Misfit Toys" to be very appropriate.

And so on to the parade....


I thought the last giveaway with the doll heads was a lot of fun, so this time we are doing it with

Sugar Trees!!!

How many sugar trees are in the jar? Leave a little note with your guess, and the one that comes the closest will win 8 little sugar trees in your choice of pink or blue ,gift packaged just for you. And...

3 vintage wrapped gourmet chocolate bars.

One more giveaway...

Let me know what your all time favorite Holiday song EVER is.
The one that you start humming as soon as it turns chilly outside.
The one that brings out that Christmas spirit in you.
The one that you sing to yourself as you wait in those long lines!

I will pick a winner for this on Sunday at midnight.

The winner will receive one of my little wee doll boxes.

The dolls in the parade will be available on Etsy in just a little bit.

My Etsy Store

I hope everyone has a safe and Blessed holiday.
Wishing you joy in the new year.


Dec 16, 2009

Blog Parade is Tomorrow!

You are invited to a blog parade!!!

Tomorrow night is the blog parade!!! Please drop by for a visit. There will be surprise giveaways and more! Hope to see you there.

Dec 11, 2009

Holiday Happenings and Upcoming Winter Workshops

2009 Holiday Boxes

Holiday Boxes

Unfortunately I did not grab photos of most of the things I have been shipping out . But a caught a couple to share this week before they went to their new homes.

This is one of the custom orders I have been working on. I love doing the vintage shadow boxes. This one features a Santa from 1937 and vintage cracker jack toys.

Winter Workshops !
Pasadena Bead and Design Show Jan 14-17 2010
Pasadena Hilton

Vintage Lace Assemblage Boxes
January 15 5:30-9:30

Yay! I will be in California for the Pasadena Bead and Design show in January.
Looking forward to seeing everyone.
We are going to have a great time in our workshops!

I will be posting 2 more workshops as soon as times are confirmed.

You can reserve your spot and read more about them here:

Please note that spots are limited, as I have to ship all of the "goodies" and tools for the workshops out to California ahead of time. (Ahead of me! LOL).

Dec 4, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Wow , it is already part way through Dec.!

With my schedule this year, I have been doing almost all custom orders through emails or phone . Therefore, if you would like something, and don't see all of my usual Holiday Christmas items up , feel free to email me or call . I took down the Holiday charms and ornaments from last year , because I like to keep doing fresh pieces , and not repeat over and over.
I do apologize for my horrible blog etiquette in posting. I love to post, but as we all know it takes time, and I feel guilty doing it when I am backed up in the studio.

The new winter 2010 Belle Armoire Jewelry has arrived on stands , and is just wonderful.
My friend Kecia has a wonderful article on page 36. I thought this was just a beautiful issue. I also am honored as always to have an article on page 76.

(TEE HEE) What these girls have to go through in my studio!
I have some more vintage frozen charlotte dolls available for you to create with on my website. Limited numbers available (tiny hats not included!)