Finally Happy 2010 !

Ok , here I am . Coming up for a little air at very last. No more Christmas , and my very favorite regular song is back up.

I arrived home from California a little later than expected Monday night . My 6am, first flight out, so I could get home to an anxious Reagan, plane broke , but luckily this was figured out before anyone got on it , so I had no complaints. They were never able to fix the mysterious problem however, so we were all finally rerouted, after a long day in LAX.
My beautiful BFF Barbara , who came down to help me at the show, and of course thought of everything that I didn't. She is so good. We laughed all weekend, most likely because we were deliriously tired, but all fun just the same. And ok , yes I am a ridiculously corny Disney girl right through to the core , at heart . But, she is already well aware of this , so this song reminded me of her.

Workshop Fun!!!
So much fun in the workshops! Unfortunately we get so involved, and working so much , I forget to bring out the camera and then regret it forever after. This is the Broken China Jewelry Necklace Workshop. I got in a few quick shots of all our hard work.
I would like to thank Mary Ann, Kim, Cindi, Stephanie, Kris, Anne, Cherry , Stephanie M, Lonnie, Christine, Deborah, Annelies, Judy,and Chris. A bunch of very talented and fun ladies, for making these workshops so special.


Some special one of a kind new pieces that will be in the shop this week.

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