Spring Dance

Spring is ...

a dance.Peeking out of the studio this week , is "Spring".

The OOAK ballerina art doll.
Now available on Etsy.
click on photo below for details.

This is actually my 100th post!

I am not able to do what I had wanted to do for the big 100, so I have decided to save it for my 101 posting! Keep watch , as I am excited that next post will have some fun giveaways and hopefully some other fun stuff as well. I am hoping to have it up in just a bit
(tentatively Monday the 12th), but I continue to be a little swamped at the moment, and need to play just a little more catch up, to keep DH happy and everyone organized including me.
For some strange reason our "spring break " falls 12-16 this year which really odd, but this is when I think I will be caught up and take a little breath of fresh air! See you then...

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