Welcome to A Mad Tea Party ~ Down The Rabbit Hole~Part 1

A visitor has arrived to invite Alice to tea.

Well, as it just so happens , Alice adores tea, and so she followed the visitor down, down, down, the hole ,to a curious wonderland that was also oddly familiar to her.
She courteously would like to ask you all to stay as well . The more the merrier , she always says. The white rabbit is to host, and will pour out.
is this?

The Hatter is missing , and so is all of the tea, and gifts, for their guests.
Whatever shall they do?

A tea with no tea? And, a party with no favors! And, the time, the time, worries the rabbit!
It seems like a very sad to do. But, all is certainly not lost yet.
The White rabbit has assured us that he will keep a close watch out for that Hatter, and our tea.
Until then Alice will have to simply dream about her teaparty in wonderland.
Stay tuned for part two this evening! Hopefully the Hatter will be found, and there will be some Wonderland favors to give away! Keep your fingers crossed!

check out all of the fabulous party goers to the Mad Tea Party , hosted by Vanessa of Fanciful Twist. Just click on the image below to take a visit.

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