Happy Fall to Everyone and Happenings

A Happy, Happy Fall to everyone!
Just a quick doodle today, (is that possible?)
Well, I have achieved a new computer now, and Mason has retrieved photos etc. from our fatal technolo
gy crash.
My email connections are still not right for outgoing and have to be done directly through server. Everything else will have to probably w
ait until after I get back from next journey....
Can't wait to see everyone at Country Living Magazine Fair South!!!

I feel like I am in what I call "Train" mode again, meaning there is no stopping me (night or day) Kind of a huge power surge I get a few weeks before m
ajor happenings.
Fueled by Coke Zero, and diet pepsi usually :)
I don't think this one has stopped from last show yet.
I may be ready for a lo
ng winters nap soon!

The following creations are one of a kind, and will be available one a first come starting today at 12pm pacific time on
PFATT (primitive folk art trinkets a
nd treasures)
check out these and all of the wonderful PFATT artist's offerings here.

"Penelope and the Magic Pumpkin "

Every season Penelope would grow,
A garden of pumpkins all in a row.

One day she noticed on a very small vine,
A gigantic pumpkin sparkling and fine.

It grew to be magic, and a fine friend indeed.
A wonderful harvest from such a small seed.
Pumpkin Princess

Sooooooo excited new Prims Magazine is out (oct 1), and......
One of my dolls is inside!!!
I loved the first issue of this magazine and the second is just as
See you soon!

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