Reagan (age 9)

Just quickly sharing a little bit from the painting day that Reagan and I shared over the weekend. We had a fun , and much needed play date. She has a small antique table /desk at the end of my huge work table down in the studio , and she loves picking up snippets of this and that and keeping it for her own little private stock "If it hits the ground its free game" is her motto. Reagan ( age 9)

How many expensive beads ,buttons and vintage goodies have conveniently rolled off my table? ( I have no clue, there gone before they hit the ground LOL)

I realized that I did not explain all of the whens, wheres, and hows, of all of the April workshop details, so I will be posting these, and the promised blog giveaway details on Friday , after I get all of my shipp
ing for the week behind me.

I thought this was fitting for all of the Black Friday shopping quickly
approaching .

What I really wanted to say
is a super

Thank you

To you!
I am not even sure how to put this in words,
but I was very very humbled last week, with all of the special order requests, kindest words, and wow quickly sold listings.
I am trying my best to keep up with that this week , and get everything safely out to their new homes this week, which is why I don't want to spend much time arguing with the computer today :), just letting you know I am still here , down in the studio , making myself stay away fr
om technology LOL.

Have a great week !


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