Giveaway Winners, and Third Week's Giveaway

Just love those little vintage Mary Janes!
But..., who is it this time?

Well, it is Christmas time , and I do love the old German mache candy containers.

Take off her back, and
hiding inside,
tasty treats are ready for giving!

She comes ready to hang on wall, or tree, or , she can sit on the mantel, and patiently wait for Santa to come down the chimney.Available on my Etsy Monday 3pm EST.

And the winners are....

winner of the Santa necklace for last weeks giveaway is ...
Carol Bass from A Bird in Hand
Yay Carol!

And, the winner of the Snowman Ornament giveaway for a following Plays with Paper blog friends is

Vivian of Viv out on a whim
Yay Vivian!
Both winners also receive a set of my "Tell Santa I've been good" gift tags.
And , for now for t
his week's giveaway..."Vintage Reader Necklaces" available today 3pm EST on my Etsy.
One of my Vintage Reader Necklaces!
The one pictured above, with the 2 cute friends. Images are origina,l from 1930 children's p
rimer.To enter for this giveaway , I would like to play a game!
Guess how many of my most favorite doll legs are in this jar!
Then leave a comment with your guess on this post.
You can post your guesses until Saturday night at the stroke of Midnight.
For the blog follower giveaway this week, I am dreaming up something else special. I
will post this giveaway on Tuesday night.

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