Winners of Both Giveaways!

Well, we laid those little dollies out in a little bitty line,

that went on...

and on....


They were pretty cold out there in the snow!

And, the snow was so powdery , that they wanted to sink down , down , down.
So, we had to be very careful while getting there little pittys all in a row.

Reagan gave the official measurements when we were done.

184 inches! That makes Theresa Swanson the winner!!!!
YAY Theresa !
Just a side note, Gail Thayer was just a couple off of winning again, and I think her daughter definatley needs to pick some lottery numbers :).

Jeffrey and Mason did not like this shot , they thought it was a little morbid. I liked the texture in it.
A "Vintage Dolly Snow Ball"
Oh well , maybe I am a little tired these days lol.
They are all toasty , dried off , and back in their jar now :).

We also must announce the winner of the blog follower drawing for the Candy Container Doll. For this one everyone was numbered, and then Mason chose a random number (because Reagan chose last time).
The winner is................

Melissa Valeriote , of The Holiday Queen
YAY Melissa!!!

"Inner Strength"
Available later today on my Etsy.

Thanks everyone for playing , and following, and just being out their and visiting!

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