Dec 19, 2010

Winners of Both Giveaways!

Well, we laid those little dollies out in a little bitty line,

that went on...

and on....


They were pretty cold out there in the snow!

And, the snow was so powdery , that they wanted to sink down , down , down.
So, we had to be very careful while getting there little pittys all in a row.

Reagan gave the official measurements when we were done.

184 inches! That makes Theresa Swanson the winner!!!!
YAY Theresa !
Just a side note, Gail Thayer was just a couple off of winning again, and I think her daughter definatley needs to pick some lottery numbers :).

Jeffrey and Mason did not like this shot , they thought it was a little morbid. I liked the texture in it.
A "Vintage Dolly Snow Ball"
Oh well , maybe I am a little tired these days lol.
They are all toasty , dried off , and back in their jar now :).

We also must announce the winner of the blog follower drawing for the Candy Container Doll. For this one everyone was numbered, and then Mason chose a random number (because Reagan chose last time).
The winner is................

Melissa Valeriote , of The Holiday Queen
YAY Melissa!!!

"Inner Strength"
Available later today on my Etsy.

Thanks everyone for playing , and following, and just being out their and visiting!


  1. Funny Post!!!!!!!! Congrats to the lucky winners! CHarlene

  2. Wow Shari,
    I'm almost.....almost glad I didn't win again, people might think the whole thing was rigged!!!!
    Congrats to the winners....what beauties you make!
    (BTW, my dd didn't help me with this last one so that's probably why I didn't win!)

  3. Yay!
    Thank you, Shari
    I had a little bit of a brain storm when I thought of the inches dolly arms and legs. I figured that the legs were probably two inches long and the arms were about and inch long so, I tried to count how many arms and legs there were and then I came up with about 140 all together, so I used that number and multiplied it by about an l.25 which came out to about 174 inches...or there abouts. So, I did try to do some math to figure it out...and it worked!
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Teresa Swanson
    1827 S. Teddy St.
    Visalia, CA 93277
    I am not concerned about posting this on line.

  4. I so love the arms and legs snow ball but I am someone who has jars of doll parts around my house! Thanks for sharing.


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