PFATT Upadate Day!

January 10th is PFATT Market update day!
For this I am offering "To My Heart Be True"
original vintage art doll.

But first, I would like to give a little of the history of how she came together here for you.
To see her, and all of the wonderful offerings by the artists on PFATT follow this link on Jan10th
My PFATT page.

Her body is stitched from c. 1900 wool felt slip, with it's own natural lovely patina.
Her head is also c. 1900 salvaged German doll head.
Her arms and legs are also salvaged German doll parts c. 1890-1910.After she is filled, she is given hundreds of hand stitches , collaging together some of my prettiest antique laces, and some embroidered hearts as well.

The little appliqued hearts are snippets from a beautiful 1930s feed sack.
She is passing out notes of Love to all of her friends and loved ones. Inside her bag, are 6 tiny miniature vintage valentine cards !

"To My Heart be True is approx. 10" tall.


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