A Moment

(I am giving a slight downer warning , uncharacteristic of my usual blog posts, and uncharacteristic me in general : ))

I was away from the computer for the last week , and I want apologize for missing a Monday's Show and Tell. These last weeks have been topsy turvy as we prepared for my oldest Son to leave for Navy Boot camp, which he did last Sunday. When he has completed his time there he will be going to the Navy Seal Training in Coranado California .(Mason, my husband Jeff, and Jeffrey night before Jeffrey left for Navy. You can tell they are so thrilled when I make them take photos! LOL)

This whole winter seems as though it has been upside down. I had not wanted to say anything here for the very longest time, here on my happy little blog. But ,I finally came to the conclusion that everyone in the world experiences ups and downs, and sometimes things just happen plain and simple.
This winter a
t Christmas, I lost my beloved 12 year old dog Max from a sudden brain tumor. At the same time, his best friend in life , our 13 year old dog Buddy was fighting Lymphoma and we were caring for him, and treating him with chemo , a hard decision in itself. He lost his battle just a few weeks ago.(moleskine journal page in progress)
That said, We spent the last couple of weeks just being together with Jeffrey (oldest son) as a family before he had to leave for boot camp in Chicago, and he took each sibling out to do their favorite things with him before he had to leave. I was very supportive and "good" right up until he had left. But, of course inside I feel proud, scared to death, sad, and about a million other emotions that don't usually go together. And , after he had left, I finally had to admit to myself that I just "needed a moment" if you will. A moment to let everything settle. A moment to catch up to everything. A moment to assess my new world that changed really without my permission. A moment to just be.
So, no computer last week. Just family , (and spring cleaning), and writing humorous letters to Jeffrey in boot camp hopefully helping to keep his spirits up .
And now here I am ! Ready to go , ready for spring, ready for our Florida trip (although not until June), ready for lots of creating, ready to visit some fun blogging,and ready to share : ) !New pendants from my original paintings !
Available later today on Etsy.

Thank you so much ,for allowing me to share with you!

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