Giveaway Time! and Web Sale Info

I am posting 2 posts at once today right in a row, sorry for confusion. There was a lot to show today :)
Ok, first let me tell you, that the

Web Sale will be Tuesday night at 9pm Eastern Time.

I will be listing them on Etsy to make it easier . But, I will also post here on the blog, with a photo of each item, and the direct link to that listing if you click on the picture of the item you want to see. Now for the fun part! What did I get this weekend ? Well, I met 2 ladies (Kathy, and Terri of Nostalgia's Cottage in Ohio). And, among all of the beautiful wares of their booth, they had jars, and jars, ......and jars, of wonderful vintage Clock parts!
I felt like I hoarded a little :) ,
but now I wish I would got even more! Because I just truly love them! Faces, and gears, and bases, and innerds of all sizes .
For the giveaway, I put gears only in this jar. For the first giveaway, guess how many clock gears I put in. Leave a comment , with your best guess.
Make sure you have your email information either in your profile, or in your comment so that I may notify
you if you are the winner :) What do you win if you are the closest guess? This little vintage Charlotte necklace (charlotte c. 1890-1900). Her brass back plate was etched by me. She has a little steam punkie top hat (also etched by me), with a little feminine very vintage bling added . She is signed and dated on the back. Next , I always like to say a great big "Thank You" to the wonderful followers of this blog. :)So, I have put together a little package of goodies to play with for the next giveaway. There are some vintage clock gears, a vintage skeleton key, vintage frozen Charlotte, brass head pins with a lovely vintage patina, 3+ yards of lovely stained binding ribbon, and a brass bracelet that I have etched, and is waiting to be adorned. If you are a follower of Playswithpaper, then guess what? You are already entered in this giveaway!
If you would like to follow this blog , I will enter all followers as of Tuesday April 26, 8:00pm.
I may just be adding more to this goody bag this weekend :).
Ooops almost forgot ! The winners of both giveaways will be announced on Tuesday April 26 on the Web Sale Post :)

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