With this month being full of graduations, state competitions, regional competitions , expos, and so on, I am having little time to create. But , having wonderful experiences with our family and supporting each other in their all of their endeavors that they have worked so very hard for. With that said , I would like to "show and tell " today some of my favorite items that I do create with , and that are very patiently awaiting me in the studio LOL. Tintypes are one of my absolute passions. I love vintage metal of any kind really, so put a photo with rosy cheeks on a vintage piece of tin , and I am there! I also love to look and feel ornate patterns, cuts, filigrees , and textures of vintage metal.

Constantly playing with the different vintage textures on one another is often how I will figure out the design for one of my pieces. Sometimes it comes together right away, and other times it takes weeks for just the right pieces to "fit"

Wishing you all a wonderful week! Blessings,.

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