A Face A Day - Day 1

Day 1

My time in my journal is usually right before bed to wind down . Sometimes this can be very late , and sometimes even early into morning, but I have found it helps my brain unwind a bit. This is definitely one area that is outside of my comfort zone . I love folk art and whimsy, but I would like to find my own voice in it, and I want my hands to cooperate with that, LOL which is the issue . Practice Practice Practice and more Practice, is usually the key , so I am placing a practice-challenge on myself, for "A Face A Day" for 60 days. (I may have to lengthen this if little improvement is made LOL, however I have high hopes it will help at least some) . I am not trying realistic portraits here , but the mixed media folk art , sometimes whimsy, styles that I love. I will place the results here starting with day one today! I will also place them on a Flickr group here. If anyone would like to join me in this group "practice" on Flickr please do , and feel free to jump in at any time! The group is open to Anyone that would like to try this Face A Day practice with me. The purpose is "Growing" and finding "Your own Voice " so don't worry if you have never drawn before , it is for any level.
This was drawn today , after hearing of the horrible tragedy of our US Troops being killed in Afghanistan. My heart is with the Mother of every child on that helicopter. It is very hard knowing that this is what my own son is a candidate and training so hard for .

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