Back From Country Living Columbus!

 I am back home from the Country Living fair! As usual it was fun and non stop. It is really nice that people come from all over the country to attend. I met a lot of wonderful people from absolutely Everywhere having a great time! The weather was a little chilly Fri and Sat  but no complaints here.
 The photos here are ALL from Sunday LOL . It was really too busy to take camera out on Fri and Saturday, and I just plain forgot as usual . I was kind of bummed on Sunday when I realized that .  The views here are just from my tent. A peek out of the back of the tent, and one out the front on Sunday Morning.
 I didn't really make it out of my tent during show hours until Sunday at around 4pm.

When I did , I went straight to sweet Jenni Bowlin  and got my vintage fix for the weekend! I have so much  fun in her booth hunting for all of the small vintage treasures,( I NEED ! )LOL
 She gave me this perfect old flash card. How wonderful and perfectly fitting for my booth!!! I will treasure it.
Now just 4 weeks until Country Living Magazine Fair South in Atlanta Georgia!

But, before that, I know that my listings in the store have been very slim getting ready for all of these adventures.  
So, I will be bringing a "web sale" to you next week with some of the new goodies I have been working on lately!
I will be  adding a giveaway as well in the meantime , as it has been a while since I  have had one of those as well! 
Today finishing up putting the studio back in order is a must! Tomorrow , I will post the details for the giveaway :)
Blessings to you,

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