Happy Halloween! Some New Goodies Added

 Happy Halloween to Everyone!!

These are a few photos taken with my Iphone at Country Living Fair in Atlanta Georgia. I decided that , although I love my IPhone wholeheartidly, I do not like the camera, and will stay with my Nikon SLR from now on. But, when I went to use it this week it wouldn't turn on .. EEEK! 

Luckily the good people at Best Buy put me at ease that the battery was  toast , and it just needed a $55.00 replacement battery! Still, a sigh of relief!  I did decide while I was there however that a Cannon T3i is on my ultimate favorite wish list! If any one has one , please let me know how you like it!!!
 How totally  cute is this? These 2 ladies Donna and Sandra, bought the last 2 of my Vintage Doll Cuffs in Atlanta, and posted for this ultra cute photo . They had just met each other in the booth! This show was so much fun. I met so many wonderful, fun people. There was so much to see and do, I definately look forward to next year!

Ok, I just listed some supplies and goodies to play with this week in my  Etsy store! 
These monogram charms are so fun, and as promised are now up in the store. 
I will be posting the date of the Holiday web sale and giveaways soon.

 But first, I have one more show for this year!
"Merry Makers Fine Art and Craft Show" in Columbus Ohio in conjunction with the Springfield Antique show. November 18-19 . Please click on the link to see all the wonderful artists attending this show. And you can go antiquing at the same time! (My favorite kind of day:)

Blessings to you,

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