I am back from the "Merry Makers " Folk Art show and had a lot of fun. Reagan was so excited that she got to come with me , as she was not able to come to either of  the Country Living Fairs. Our great "girls weekend" together  also included seeing "Wicked " yesterday in Cincinnati with my soon to be daughter in law Sara , and we all  absolutely LOVED it ! So , I included my favorite song on the playlist for this week :)
 This show, I was actually able to go around Saturday a bit and take some photos to show you.
Cheryl Kuhn of "Small Stories Studio" was there with her wonderful assemblage creations.
This was my very favorite piece! I just loved all of the elements in it, and of course I love the doll and her musical body!

 These ladies were my lovely neighbors the "Pink Eyed Sissies" and some of their pretty  whimsical repurposed Holiday necklaces in vintage optometrist lenses !

 Here is the Lovely Lori Ann Corelis who also did the web site for Merry Makers show. Wow ! Since the first time I saw her creations in a magazine years ago ,  I have always thought her animal friends were simply Magical.   

 And here is Lurena from Tattered Moon and her oh so fabulous gals!
  Each one just had their own sparkling personality. You can catch her in "Prims" right now.

OK . Since these fun  ladies were all so kind enough to pose for me, at the end of the show when everyone is a little tuckered out , I will include the one photo of me that Reagan took lol. This is Lorena and I, in Lorena's wonderful  booth. I have been known to cut myself out of photos and just post the friend I posed with, as I myself am not overly fond of photos either LOL. So here it is  thank you ladies!

Well I am off to get ready for the Holiday Web sale Dec 5!
LOTS OF GOODIES in store for that one!
I will try and get the giveaway posts started here this weekend.
Happy Thanksgiving to all :)

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