Giveaway #3 ! Holiday Web Show Monday

 Here it is,
the 3rd Holiday Giveaway!
  One of my Paris and Fleur De Lis pendant necklaces, and
 A c. 1900 frozen charlotte doll to use in your own mixed media artwork!
 The key to this giveaway is......

 Guess how many vintage millinery flowers are in the photo!
(click on the photo to make it larger :)
I got these a few years ago. They are early 1900s Czechoslovakian flowers for that were used for weddings. I originally had the box that they came in with pretty decorative punched paper lining etc.  I love the patina that they have collected over the years , making them all different shades of cream.
To enter for this 3rd and final giveaway, simply leave a comment with your guess of how many flowers are in the photo. Don't forget the 2 prior posts are giveaways as well if you haven't already signed up! All 3 giveaways will be announced on Monday eve. Dec 5th. Shortly after the Web show begins at 8pm eastern , 5pm pacific time.


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