Feb 28, 2011

Show and Tell Monday, Feb 28 2011

I have a couple of new favorite things for the studio that I wanted to show you first, before official "show and tell Monday"

First of all, these are my absolute new favorite that I have been using all the time , Pan Pastels. They are so soft and wonderful! I have been experimenting all over the place to see what they can do, and so far it's a lot! Can't wait to get more colors of these little guys.Ok , this one as you can see , I have not used yet. I just keep feeling the paper! I have journals and sketch books planted all over the house (and car) but have never got a genuine Moleskine! Well, now I have one, and I am so excited :).However, I feel like I should be a little more formal with this one , so I waiting until I have a moment to myself to plan it out a little. I guess I should just break in and go for it!

Ok on to Show and Tell

For a while now, I have been contemplating how to move away from the name "Staffordshire Garden Designs". It fit WAY back when, but not so anymore. It sounds way too serious, and I am just plain and simple more light hearted than that.I have played around with Shari Replogle Designs and Shari Replogle Studios but even that sounds formal,or too long, (and hard to pronounce :) I think I have an idea , but I will have to wait just a wee bit longer to share that one with you. My wee little mermaid done on Da Vinci masonite board 5x7".

Do you have something you have been creating, that you would like to share this morning? Just leave a comment , and link to your blog post below.I used the Pan Pastels on her too!
Blessings, and have a wonderful week.

Feb 27, 2011

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls, I Promised Dolls :)

Well I have been promising dolls for the past week so here is a little surprise! Ready?

Ok,So exciting!
Doll Town Market Place opens and goes live at
7pm Eastern Tonight!

So many "one of a kind" offerings of fabulous art dolls . I have seen a sneak peek, and Wow !
Just a little while longer until it goes live! Open, Open, Open, (only Californians would get that one, old Mervyns commercial sorry :)

I just so happen to have a little vintage girly who is all ready to go live for the grand opening. And, she is so excited !To visit my page on "Doll Town" click on photo below.

I will still be back tomorrow for
Show and Tell Monday :).


Feb 20, 2011

Show and Tell Monday

The new Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine issue just arrived , and I was absolutely tickled it had the article that Kecia Deveney and I did about our Marie Antoinette necklace swap. All of the photos were so pretty.
"Show and Tell Monday"
The dollies are almost done, but not quite yet. I will save some photos for them for Friday. Meanwhile ,I finally finished this cork note board for Reagan that she had been wantin
g, to hang her medals, ribbons, and twirly girly things from.

It is just a basic cork bulletin board that I covered with some nice muslin, and then painted, layered, and layered , and layered :)and collaged etc.
Adding some hooks at the bottom to hang all of her goodies.
Her dress is designed from a brown paper bag (gives a wonderful texture) and old text trim from my favorite vintage children's reader collection. She has several layers of a lovely recipe that simulates a beeswax /encaustic finish from Pam Carriker's wonderful lovely new book "Art at the Speed of Life" (loved it: ).
I tweaked the recipe slightly as I am not a very "glossy" girl when it comes to finishes usually . The recipe is for semi gloss. I just made it just a little more matte.
It still has that creamy~dreamy beeswax quality that I was looking for.
Now it's your turn! Show us what you have been creating, by posting a comment with your link to your Monday blog post here. See last weeks post for all of the details. Come join in :)

Feb 17, 2011

Studio Friday

I have been doing some custom order dollies this week of all different sorts , and there is a long drying time for each stage. Sooo, I completed some journal art pieces in between.

"she was the queen of her dreams"

Can't show the dollies yet, but I am planning to go completely gangbusters this weekend, and get a lot of catchup work finished as Reagan doesn't have a tumbling competition this weekend. Hopefully I will have plenty to show for you on "Show and Tell Monday" .
"Don't dream to create~ Create the Dream"

Would love for you to join in with me this Monday :) . Just post a link to your Monday blog post, on my Monday morning post, that has a photo of whatever you have been creating as of late, so we can all visit each others art!

Sound fun?
What have you been working on?


Feb 14, 2011

Show and Tell Mondays !! Come Join Me...

Ok. It is true that I am going on just 3 hours sleep this morning here. But sometimes that is when the best ideas pop in : ). I love when you leave me comments. It warms my heart , brings sunshine to my day, helps me pay it forward and hopefully bring sunshine to someone else's day, and all sorts of wonderfulness in my heart and soul that you cant possibly imagine. But , I would love if on Monday mornings, I could share a piece of art with you ..... and you could share a piece of art with me! To clarify , I will show you a finished piece of art every Monday morning, and you post a comment with a link to your blog post with a piece of finished art you have displayed that same Monday morning. The purpose is to give us all a chance to encourage each other in our creative journeys no matter where you are in that journey, promote handmade ,and of course make us smile on a Monday morning!
"Heart was filled with love, and she wanted to share it with the world"
Original mixed media painting just Listed today on my Etsy

"Show and Tell Monday" Rules:

1.Post a comment on my Monday post that has a link
to your SAME Monday morning blog post (you can also say hi , and good morning, and whatever else comes to mind as well of course I love hearing form you :).

2.Your blog post should have a piece of your handmade finished artwork. Doesn't matter what you do sewing , painting, metal, clay,etc. as long as it is your ow
n wonderful art!

3. Original art only (no commercial machine made products please) this is your own creations from your heart and hands.

4. No direct links to your retail shop or website please (on the blog comment here on playswithpape
r). Of course you can say it is being offered for sale on your own blog post, with links to your shops and bells and whistles and the whole shabang! Please note that the only reason I say not to link direct stores to this blog,is that I am just trying to avoid spammers who are not really here to visit and support handmade artists ,and creativity. We want to see handmade items from the original creators, and of course I want you to sell your all of your lovelies if that's what you want to do :) .

Would you like to join me? Feel free to start this morning if you would like. I know it already kind of late (for Ea
st coast) , so if you don't have something ready , then let's plan for next week!

'Happy Handmade Valentine Art!' by staffordshiregarden

Wonderful handmade items that all feature hearts as part of their theme. Happy Valentines Day!

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Treasury tool is sponsored by Lazzia.com A/B image testing.

Happy Valentines Day !