Feb 7, 2011

Just a little completely last minute FYI.
A little birdie just told me there were a few openings left for my Broken China Pendant Workshop tomorrow in Union KY. It is from 5pm to 7pm at Union Bead Boutique. If you are in the area, and would like to join me for some February Fun, come join me! No equipment is necessary, just a smiley face :) Email me for details.

Feb 5, 2011

Welcome February ! New Studio Happenings

"Well Girls , here's the to do"......

(if you know what line that is from, you know both my very favorite book , and my favorite movie : ) And, if you recognize it right off the bat, then somewhere out in the huge universe we must share a small part of each other's soul.)little Valentine pendants waiting to be soldered (sold)

2011 is a time for Change:
For 2011, I have shut down the Staffordshire Garden web site. It became more of a photo gallery of past pieces, and for that I am pretty good about regularly updating by Flickr photo gallery.

I still have my Etsy store , my PFATT page (updated 10th of each month) , Make Mine Pink boutique, and sometimes the piece is offered right here
on the blog!

Whew! And, there is just little ol' me , so
that is enough .
Web duty , and studio time were definitely at odds with one another , and this will allow me to keep up with the rest,
(This little lady is sold , and off to her new home)
and hopefully, (also my goal), to post here at least once a week throughout the rest of 2011. And now that that's out there in writing :) I will stick to it!
"Learn To Fly"

(Just added to my Etsy store)

As you can see , I have been completley all over the board so far for January. Am I painting , soldering, torching, sewing dolls ? It depends on the day I suppose :) .