Happy 2012!

Here it is already the 9th of January!
I am just beginning to settle in to the normal swing of things here . My oldest son was married 4 days after Christmas, and a beautiful event it was. As a result , I was able to have my Father in from California for Christmas and a good long visit, and my Mother in Law in from California as well the day after Christmas until just a couple of days ago.
 Jeffrey and Sara are moving into their new apartment this week, College and elementary schools are back in session :) and then I am dreaming of some good quality studio time! I am very excited about this. I loved all of our festivities, visiting with dear family, and Holiday Hoopla, but this girl is  ready to get back to the studio.
the Valentine Elephant will be my first offering for 2012 on PFATT (Primitive Folk Art Trinkets and Treasures) updated on the 10th (that's tomorrow!) of every month at 10am pacific time.

I am also honored to be  the  featured PFATT artist for January 2012 . 
                Thank you so much Sandy !

I am always excited to see everyone's new offerings on the 10th.
You can click on Valentino to take you directly to the PFATT site.
Ophelia will be my other PFATT offering for January. She is a 4 way jointed doll with 2 colors of yummy German Mohair.

She is just over 10" tall from the bottom of her her foot, to the top of her pink Mohair hat!
Ophelia also comes with her standing pink painted muslin heart all ready for Valentine's Day!
Both Valentino and Ophelia are made with German Mohair, and  have been given a time worn, well aged look, which is definitely my favorite part of the process when creating my dolls and animal friends. 
 If you would like to see more about Valentino and Ophelia   visit PFATT  at 10 am pacific (1pm eastern)
tomorrow morning :))


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