All New Supply Goodies in Etsy Store !


All new goodies in my Etsy store to play with today!
Nope, they are not just your ordinary vintage Charlotte Dolls ;)

They are Cast Charlotte Dolls!

These are plaster cast , 
and you cant paint them,
 stamp them, patina, crackle,  sand, add texture, Etc, Etc, 

 They can be made to suite any style. 
Shabby, pink, vintage, steampunk, macabre, metal ,the possibilities are endless !

Paint them like a rainbow!

    They are cast here in the studio from some of my genuine antique Frozen Charlottes

This one I have given a vintage stone finish with acrylics, added some bling ,and
an etched bullet top hat :)
 and then added to one of my vintage bottles.
I have just added these to the Etsy store to share with you today  
(and the bottle too :)

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