New Photo Toys for Iphone!

  by Staffordshire Garden / Shari Replogle
, a photo by Staffordshire Garden / Shari Replogle on Flickr.

I am usually late to the technology party. My daughter has had this ap on her itouch for months lol. 
I just discovered it however, and was tickled! Instagram . It is a free ap for iphones,touches, mobile devices,
photo sharing.  I am just learning about it now , but had to give it a try on these little girlies. 

Even better than that!!!!!!
 Take a look at what they have for mobile phones! WOW am I excited.
 I may be the
The last one to know about these , but today is the first time I have ever seen one. Look at these lenses!

I have found 2 different Popular sets that people seem to be raving about .

This is one from Photojojo. You can get the set of "fish eye" "wide angle/macro" and telephoto lenses for 49.00. It fits on your phone magnetically! This one is also supposed to be able to fit other mobile phones such as the Android.

The other very popular one is called Olloclip. It fits on onto your Iphone and also has 3 lenses . It runs 69.00. 

Upon reading reviews they sound comparable on performance. It just depends on what the user finds convenient, the slip on (must take off protective cases to use) or magnetic (I did hear a complaint about having too many little rings and lenses for the magnetic that may get lost in the shuffle) I think I may try the photojojo one however , as it might work on my husbands android too, so it can be a family treat! 

If you have tried one or both of these please let  me know what you think of them!


I am adding these little ladies to the sale tonight in my Etsy store. The sale runs through Sunday at midnight!

Blessings , and have a wonderful weekend! 

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