12 Dolls of Christmas is Here! "Annabelle"

Good morning . My name is Annabelle. 
I am excited to be the very first doll up for adoption on the 
12 dolls of Christmas!
Miss Shari took lots and lots of photos
to see, while I introduce myself to you :)
I live in a really pretty antique beaded purse.
the fringe is gone at the bottom and the last row or two of beads, but 
I don't mind at all. Miss Shari added some really pretty old crystal prisms
to the bottom of my purse so it looks really pretty when I hang on the wall.
I can come out whenever I want.
I can stand with some assistance.
 i can probably  fit in your hand at about
6" tall and I wear a really pretty pale blue doll dress from the 
1930s with light pink satin trim.
 I am a traditional fully cotter jointed bear, so I 
can sit and pose very nicely.

 I am Cinnamon colored genuine  German Mohair. 
Miss Shari spends a lot of time aging me in all the right places
to look like I am 100 year old well worn bear.
 I come with my Victorian purse home ,so you can hang me 
up , or keep me out ,which ever you like.

 I have to go for  now, but ...
Psst : I will be available for adoption 
to a very special home
at exactly 8pm Eastern tonight! 

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