Interesting Morning, Day 2 of 12 Dolls of Christmas

I apologize for the delay. It was a very interesting morning.
I decided to go for an early run after dropping the girls off at school, and when I arrived home , my garage door spring had broken, so my control wouldn't work, and I was locked out!
Tried multiple things with no avail. So was forced to call hubby who works an hour away north of Cincinnati. He couldn't come right away , so there I sat, sweaty, waterless, and all together not looking at all my best lol. Just lucky is was so warm today , and not the 20 something it was last week in the mornings !

 He came as soon as he could , and I am happy to say here is Day 2 of 12 Dolls of Christmas :)))


 Hi !
It's me Orville.
Today is my special day for 12 Dolls of Christmas.
 I am made from genuine German Mohair, and have
antique ticking fabric for the inside of my ears, and foot pads. 
I am 3 way cotter pin jointed , so my head and arms can move.

I love my jingle bell buttons,
and I always wear my 1940s doll hat , even though 
it is a missing a few stitches now in back. 
 I am stuffed with good old fashioned wood wool, and 
weighted in my tummy and feet so I have a nice vintage feel. Ms. Shari 
spent a lot of time aging me, and giving me a worn appearance
 in all of the right places ,to look like a well loved antique .

 Adopted , Thank you!
I will be available for adoption at 8pm Eastern time tonight 
Bye till then!

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