Todays Doll

Todays doll will be a little late,
ok a lot o bit late.
This week has finally caught up with me ,
and ran right past me!
 I am behind. I need to do some ,packaging,
and shipping,
and general catch up.  Soooooo,

If you can bare with me , I will post the preview
for tonight's doll at 730 pm just before it goes live at
8pm. Eastern Time.

This is not the doll that will be up tonight :)
This was a doll that I created as a special gift for Reagan,
for when I got home from Atlanta. We had been making prim
little monster dolls together, and this one was a larger one
that I had done in her favorite colors .  I  just thought I would
share her with you :)
 As you can see,
she is not willing to give her up!

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