Mar 15, 2013

Happy Friday! A Couple New Listings Today

 Happy Friday ! 
I have a couple of new things I will be listing in the
 Etsy store today.
 First off is this etched brass cuff I have been working on 
for quite a while. It finally came all together the other night
when all of the layers off dark and green patinas I had 
been looking for came out the way I wanted. I love when that finally 
happens! I then gave it 
a micro wax finish to seal all of the goodness in .
 The bird focal is from several items actually, that I created 
a mold from and then added 2 Aves 2 part epoxy. 
(psst we will be doing this in the "Fly " workshop too :)
Finished it all off with a coiled steel hook and clasp,purely
ornamental in this case , and one of my bird bullets. 
This is another pair of boho earrings with little tiny
baby charlottes that I have cast in pewter, wrapped in silk,
with sterling hand formed ear wires.
When I get the chance , I have been enameling
my little dr. Seuss house findings. I have mostly 
just been playing with the colors. It is very exciting
to watch them cool and change  like magic!

Just 2 more days for the reduced price of 79.99 for "Fly " workshop!
Don't forget that if you are , or sign up for my newsletter, you can
get an additional $5.00 off in the checkout on Etsy. The coupon code was
in this months newsletter, but if you have just subscribed, shoot me an email
letting me know , and I will send you the coupon code. That is $15.00 
total savings  off the workshop price :))
Blessings , and have a wonderful weekend,
I will be back on Monday with a giveaway :)))


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    1. Thank you so much Bohemiannie (Annie) !
      I just love that name :)

  2. Beautiful work,Shari and your workshop sounds wonderful. I'm thinking about it:)
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks so much Marie!
      If you have any questions email me.
      You too!

  3. Hmm, blog color selection is great. Also photo of its are just amazing and wondering. Like this love this.


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