Workbench Stuff and News for Upcoming Workshop

Happy Tuesday!
It's totally snowing here on March 26th, but I am ignoring it!!

Last summer I fell in love with making these boho bangle bracelets, and 
made Lots of them!
 I took some along with me to the Country Living Show with me and made an
unfortunate discovery. Instead of using an accurate tape measure , (DUH)! I used my own wrist 
to measure the diameter of the bracelets, figuring that I was your pretty average joe. 
Well, apparently I have unusally small wrists! 
Now, of all the body parts to have freakishly petite , please.
We couldn't have pulled something better than that from the ol gene pool? 
Well this time I used a tape measure! 
2 5/8" in diameter.

I really fell in love with how this bead came out. It was made from a vintage
brass button. 

 They are full of yummy handmade beads, beautiful blue Amazonite stone beads, a couple of very lovely religious medals,
and hand died silk sari ribbon.

 "Hidden Heart"

“The human heart has hidden treasures, In secret kept, in silence sealed; The thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures, Whose charms were broken if revealed.”

― Charlotte Bronte
                                               This is a framed antique tin type necklace I just finished. I haven't done
                  one in a while . I went through my stash and felt my pile of them was getting a little low lol. It        must be time to go tin type hoarding, shopping .

I made the hammered steel chain here in the studio.  
These will both be up in the Etsy Shop 
tomorrow morning :)

Don't forget you can still sign up for the  drawing for the 
free spot in the
"Fly " Workshop  !
 I know workshops, + supplies etc can add up quick. 
 Some news about the upcoming fly workshop!
You can now split the cost of the workshop up into 2 payments!!!
By choosing the 2 payment plan here on the blog , you can make one initial payment
of 40.00 at time of purchase, and one final payment on April 20th  !
If you are a newsletter subscriber , you can still get the $5.00 discount, making your
                   final payment on the 20th just 44.99. 

If you have any questions feel free to email me ,
I love hearing from you!

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