Apr 25, 2013

Artiscape Workshops, and a Huge Giveaway!

 I am back from Artiscape!

 Back from Artiscape and just a few days left until "Fly " online
workshop begins! Whew! Where to begin...
 We were all busy little bees in Friday's 
"A Mother's Love Workshop"

Dawn and I 

Little ms. Reagan took photos for me and was my 
very helpful assistant  during the workshops, and
all weekend. 

 She knew we were all hard at work, and didn't want to
interrupt  so 
she snapped away .
I wasn't aware at all when she was taking photos , so I 
didn't know what she had taken until Sunday. She did a pretty
good job of photographing all of these beautiful ladies hard at work!

This is one of the wonderful pieces created. So pretty! It is either  Mary's or Rita's?
(that's what happens when you are not the photographer :)

 Cecile and I.
Notice me desperately trying to hide my patina stained fingers!

Dusty deep in creative thought

soldering away!

Ms. Elizabeth hard at work!
I will be posting Pics of Saturday's workshop on Saturday, as there are quite a few, and blogger is not cooperating with photos from Reagan's phone today. Does anyone else have
 this problem when they are formatted by the phone? 

Onto the Giveaway.....

I got these tin types  from Barbara at the Friday vendor night at
Artiscape. She had a lot in the beginning , and I wish would have
 swooped in and snapped more of them up. But, I was feeling tired by then  ,and not
on my shopping game, obviously, and someone snuck in and snatched most of them up
like a snyper!
 I am quite fond of these dapper gentleman!
Here is the goods on the giveaway.

It is a History guessing game!
When was the
the very first permanent photographic image/etching  achieved?
(I am going to give a 10 year leeway as all of our googly aps may differ on exact date)
"View from the Window at Le Gras"(was what the photo was called)
A winner will be drawn from the correct guesses , and receive,

One space in the FLY Online Workshop!
if you have already registered to have fun with us in "Fly",
you can win a space for a friend!

But wait there's more! 
(yes , Ginsu knife commercial . Cheesy I know, and I just dated myself:)
 a second giveaway
Question :Who was the creator of this same famous first photograph?
Hint: He eventually worked with Louis Deguerre .

Drawing from this correct guess will
 win a $25.00 gift 
certificate towards anything  in my Etsy shop! 


Third giveaway: Is this necklace from 1930s vintage Primer.

back side of necklace has original text from primer.
For this giveaway drawing, just leave a comment on this post!
and Finally,
This fourth one for just being your beautiful selves;
a pretty bag of vintage  goodies to play with!
Just leave a comment for this 4th and final drawing.

The winners of all 4 giveaways will all be drawn on April 30 ,
(announced at 8pm eastern time)
the day " Fly" online Assemblage Journal workshop begins!

Blessings to you,


  1. It was the year 1827 I believe - that the first photographic image was achieved. You have such a fun blog and I am happy to have found you on etsy! Diana Peck

  2. Hi, Shari!

    Great photos! What fun Artiscape was!!

    I too believe that it was created in 1827, and it was Nicephore Niepce who created it. Say that fast ten times!

    I'd love to win any of these goodies! Thank you for the opportunity, Shari!


  3. What great pictures and such a wonderful, creative time for all! Thanks for sharing them, Shari and also for a chance to win your Giveaways. The photographer was Nicephore Niepce and the year was 1827, per Wikepedia. Winning the class would be such a treat, but so would winning all the other treasures ~ I would be thrilled with any!
    So glad you had such a great trip!

    1. Such great history buffs we have here!
      Thanks Karen :)

  4. Love your blog. I believe the answer is Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1826.

  5. What fun!
    I think the answers are - 1827, Joseph Nicephore Niepce
    I would love to win any of your lovely giveaways!

    1. Thanks Gill :)
      It was fun doing a little research about it as well.

  6. Your class looks like it was a blast! Love your imaginative work!

  7. Oh, my word ... I knew you looked familiar when I sat next to you last Friday, in Joni's class! Now I'm embarrassed - I should have said something. Anyway - hello!

    1. Hi Nancy ,
      That wasn't me , it was probably Cecile . But I probably saw you at some point this weekend so HI!

  8. It's always good to read a blog that makes you learn something new! I now know the first photograph was taken in 1827 by Nicephore Niepce. Thanks for the chance to win a spot in your workshop or some of your beautiful goodies!

  9. Hi Shari, Artscape must have been a blast! This is an amazing giveaway...all wonderful prizes. Looks like the answers are 1827 and the photographer, Nicephore Niepce.
    Thanks for the never ending inpiration....
    xo JoAnne

  10. Always fun to add a little research to the day!
    The photographer was Joseph Nicèphore Nièpce and the year was 1826 or 1827 depending on your source.
    Would love a chance at your giveaway! Thanks!!

  11. Hi, I have to disagree, it was in 1822 that the first permanent etching was made, but it was destroyed when he tried to make a copy. I love all of your beautiful jewelry and would be super exiting to take a class with you sometime. Thank you so much for sharing your art!

  12. Hi, I have to disagree, it was in 1822 that the first permanent etching was made, but it was destroyed when he tried to make a copy. I love all of your beautiful jewelry and would be super exiting to take a class with you sometime. Thank you so much for sharing your art!

  13. It was Niepce. In 1793 he was able to produce optical images but they faded fast. In 1816, again setting the images failed because the chemicals used deteriorated the paper. His first permanant etching was that of the Pope. It was recorded in 1922, but was ruined when he tried to duplicate the etching. In 1925, his process of Heliography, produced the 1st recorded photo image and it was of a man pulling a horse. The more famous recorded Photo, View from the Window at La Gras, was recorded in 1926. Regarding the 2nd question, i certainly think that could be Jane having fun pushing the baby carriage. I worked hard on my paper, Teacher. May I have a Free Pass TO CLASS! Lol. I would truly cry if I won a spot, or any of your goodies. Thanks for sharing your beautiful gift.Good Luck to everyone.


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