Good Monday Goings On! Giveaway Winner Announced Tonight

 Good Monday to you!
Last week I went down to the basement studio, 
which now that I have a very cozy but sunny
guest room upstairs , 
I admit I only go down to the basement if I am going to use anything bigger than a micro torch, the big ol drill press, Extra messy stuff that needs a little more ventilation etc.
Well, I still have a LOT of stash down there because my old map cabinets will not fit in the 
upstairs room. So, their are tons of old map drawers FULL of goodies , and when I get into them its like Christmas!
On this trip  , I gathered what I could which is basically 2 fistfulls of just stuff!
No rhyme or reason really, whatever just caught my eye. 

The weird stuff in the upper left , are silk pods! I have
had them for a couple of years and just haven't figured out
a good use for them yet. But , I can feel it coming !
Any how, I took one of the antique buttons, and the vintage buckle,
 and they became this bracelet,

 On one of my Etched cuffs. 

Then on Saturday, I got this little package of awesomeness 
They are in the "me just sitting and admiring them stage" right now. 
It may be just a bit before they end up as something. I just love them! 

I wanted to make some more  findings to share as well! So here are some new 
things to play with. Instead of framing the china completely, I have made them drops. 
I used all flow blue, and English Transferware from 1850s through 1890s.
 This one has the moon on one of them, 
and I thought that was pretty cool. 
I wanted the edges of these drops to appear as though they shards from the ocean,
 or buried in the ground  etc.
 Very worn over time. 

 I am listing some to play with in my Etsy store tonight.
 Also these tiny little cast pewter charlotte dolls. This tiny
size are perfect for earrings etc.

 Last post I said it would be 8pm eastern to announce the winner of the spot in the "Fly" assemblage journal workshop giveaway, not realizing that little ms. Reagan had team practice until 8:30 . So, we will pull the name out of the hat as soon as we get back, and announce winner at about 9:30 pm Eastern.
You can still sign up for the Giveaway until that time :))

Instead of making another post today, 
I will add the announcement of the winner of the giveaway on THIS post at 930 pm :)
Blessings, and have a wonderful week!

And Here it is......

The winner of the giveaway for a spot
in the "Fly" workshop is ...

  Congratulations Dawn (The Feathered Nest)!

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