Happy Tuesday , Things to Share!

I had quite a few things in the "almost complete" stage, and wanted to post on Friday, 
but it turned out 
to be one of those days where nothing turns out quite the way you envisioned them.
Do you ever have that?
No matter how many projects you try and tackle , its just not coming out right?
What do I do when that happens? 
I figure that I have WAAAAY to many things going at once on my work bench,
and give the studio a thorough cleaning , and cleansing.
Cleaning to put everything in its proper place so I can think straight, and 
cleansing to get rid of all the negative JU JU ! LOL

 All was much better after that . 
But, now its been a few days, and a few projects
later . I can tell you right now as soon as this posts this morning , I will
be in the studio cleaning again, to make sure and keep those bad Ju Ju s at bay!

 I have been doing a lot of fold forming metal lately. I love
watching the metal move and expand into shapes. This
little fellow was extremely hard to photograph, without my beloved slr. 
(I m going to keep trying) , but 
he is in a little fold formed copper pea  pod .

 This little broken china bird pendant on a copper fold formed leaf,
 is my offering for PFATT this month.
It will be posted at 1pm eastern time tomorrow.
 Some things to play with . These are out of Epoxy clay .
Just a little over a week away from Artiscape in 
Columbus Ohio!

 I have been busy making a gazillion broken china circles 
for this workshop. 
There are still some spaces open if you would like to play with us. 
I am pretty sure I made more than
plenty to be able to share a few on Etsy as well. 
We will be making the little bezel inside the bezel as well.
2 types of bezels!
FUN Stuff!

 This is my other workshop I will be doing at Artiscape. We will be creating 
this beautiful pendant from scratch starting with a bare piece of sheet metal.
And ,here is a coupon to join us for the Show at Artiscape on Sunday!
I will have lots of goodies to share. Please stop by and say hello, if you
are attending :)

I will be posting lots of goodies to create with on 
Etsy today , and tomorrow. 
 For everyone who is in the "Make Beautfiul Broken China Jewelry"
Online workshop, I will be posting some hearts , and shapes, in some
 very pretty vintage patterns. If you have any color preferences , just
shoot me an email and I will search my stock , and find you some pretties  in that color.
I will be back Friday with a good game and giveaway!

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