Just a peek into my little neck of the woods.
 My little room is the smallest room in the house now, but with the most sunshine :)
 The really smelly , messy, big stuff , I still do down stairs in the basement.
 Oh no, it would have to be way smellier than these . This is the fun stuff!
Reagan and I watched the "dead files" a few weeks ago on an episode about
dolls. I won't even go there. 
There are no lost souls in my dolls LOL! These guys were either buried in Germany and never owned, 
Loved and cared for by sweet little girls who treasured them , or handmade by me :)
That show scares the ba geebies out of us , we can't watch it anymore!
Official shop assistants. 
Always on the ball (mostly just under my feet).

and here is a video of  my new online workshop "FLY" Handmade Assemblage Journal.

 If you are viewing it from your phone I am not sure if it  will show up,
 as it is a YouTube video.
I will post the link to it below for you  just in case.


Don't forget to enter for the 4 giveaways on yesterday's post :))))
Tomorrow pics from Saturday's workshop!

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