A Wonderful Crazy Weekend

It all started here...
 In a little town in Michigan called Dimondale. In a charming
little store called SmittenDust!

With these three lovely ladies.
Dusty Dehaven, (owner of Smitten Dust) ,
Kari McKnight Holbrook , and Jen Crossley.
They invited Reagan and I to come up for some fun , and set up a little of our shop for the
weekend at Smitten Dust.
I wasn't at all sure I could get ahead of myself here work wise, but I put it in 4 th gear (that is fast right?).
Sometimes I don't know what to do if I am not working constantly. Maybe because I
work predominantly from home, I don't possess an off switch. I am sure a lot, or most women
probably feel that too. But, mine is too the point where I can't really even go leisurely shopping ,but rarely.
It's a sickness maybe :)
So to my husbands shock and surprise ,2 days before I announced,
 " We're going to do it! "
And, off we went .
 Mother and daughter weekend with friends.

We had the best time with a whole bunch of wonderful ladies that came for the weekend.
 It was very  nice meeting these wonderful ladies ,
 especially Jane and Susan front left.
Jane and I shared some jumping jump rings Sunday :)

We did Kari's totally awesome
 "Delectable Doodles and Fantastic  Fonts", and "Tempted by Tape workshops".
and by the way Kari has a brand new dvd out called "Backrounds to Bindings"!  
Reagan has been practicing her
journaling alphabets ever since we got home.
She worked very hard in class.
 I felt like a slacker!

We did Jen's awesomely wonderful " Little Bag" workshop on Sunday.

It was a such a super fun workshop!

Dusty's Husband fixed absolutely delightful lunches
for all of the ladies every day!

Oh my gosh,
Once again I was the slacker in Jen's class too!
No, really! 

Here is teacher's pet.
 Apparently I was a little tired ,
and caused some trouble with flying jump rings among other
 So sorry Jen . 

 Reagan and I had a truly magical time .
 I am so glad we were able to go and visit.

 Blessings to you,

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