Mac Attack Mother's Day

For Mother's Day my hubby surprised me with a Mac computer.
Grateful , and excited yes. But, I have no idea how to work this darn thing of course. And, am "clinging on for life " to my old dinosaur as he puts it.

"Cold Turkey is the only way to go he says. "unplug the dinosaur" !
I can't do it.
I need baby steps .
What if I can't find something? ...I know where everything is on the dinosaur .
What if I don't know how to do a simple task, and I need it done fast?....I know how to accomplish it on the dinosaur , (unless it is having a bad day ,and acting up which is very common lately).

Mom just do everything exactly backwards and you'll be fine my son says. WHAAAA? Who the heck thought of that brilliant idea?

Sooo, they are side by side on my desk for now. The dinosaur , and the sleek pretty stallion.

What did I write this post on?
I loaded the pics with the dinosaur , and typed it out on the pretty stallion :)))

baby steps......

Two brand new patterns will be up this weekend!

and tribal swirl

Also on Mother's day I decided I would like to have a play date with my children.

Of course my idea of a fun play date with mom ,
included fire , chemicals , soldering irons,
and a big creative fun mess.
We made small wall hangings, or can go on door as well. 
I showed them the basic idea of what we were doing , and 
how to do it. But, then let them come up with their own 
spin on how they wanted to design it.

Reagan does very well with the soldering iron. We don't let 
her use the torch just yet.

              I took these before the pictures
were inside the bezels. I wanted them to pour the ice resin at home so they 
could let it set and dry without getting in the car with them. This one 
was my daughter in laws. She had never done anything like that before! 
Beautiful, I Loved it!
Reagan's wall hanging. For 11 years old I was amazed . 
I had nothing to do with this , it was all her. Accept 
a tiny bit of torching that her brother helped with.
She is looking 
for the right picture for this one , (but I think it may be for me :)))
My son Jeffrey's. 
He always amazes me . He loves to weld things , and is an engineering major ,
so Mom's torches and irons are small potatoes lol. I loved his design though.

I made my hanging for my Mother in Law.
Wish she could have been creating with us too, but she is
in California.
We had a lot of fun creating and experimenting,  visiting, and sharing.

Blessings to you,

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