Winners of All 4 Giveaways! Workshop Happenings

 I am in what I call my "plucking" mode.
 It starts usually around early
March and progresses steadily until mid June. This is when I have huge "to do " lists in front of me and I "pluck " away at them every day . But instead of getting shorter, and having a nice tidy  satisfied feeling of completion, they have a tendency to grow longer, a lot longer.
I am sure many of you  have these as well.
So instead of being happy because my list is completed , or shorter, or any light at the end of said tunnel , I must be content to be excited about with how much I was able to "pluck" that day !

The question today was , 
what pretty pictures am I going to show you  ,as I have not had time to make any new goodies?
 Well , not very pretty, but the ugly truth! 
My steady diet for the last two weeks. 
Absolutely horrible for me, but necessary . 
I feel like I want to go for a run, and to  bed, at the same time.
Reagan actually asked me yesterday, what would happen if I ran out?
Oh honey ,we can't even go there ....

 And, on a much funner note, what are we doing in the
 Fly Handmade Journal Exploration online workshop this week?
We are etching beautiful pieces of metal, 
adding patinas,
and creating awesome faux leather covers for our journals!

And, guess what we will be doing next week?
Making the molds, and Casting these beautiful pewter heart bezels!!!
Sign ups for the "Fly Journal Exploration Workshop will be open for 
the fist 10 days of the workshop. We just got started yesterday, so there is 
plenty of time if you would like to come and play with us.
Oh, and don't forget if you are a newsletter subscriber, or sign up ,there is a coupon code for $5.00 off of the workshop price in my Etsy store. 
Just let me know you are a subscriber , 
or just singed up, and I will send you the code.

Ok , these are kind of new.
Giveaway Winners!!!
Alrighty ,by random # generator this time, here are the winners of the giveaways.
We will start with the bag of vintage goodies to play with . 
The winner is ...
Next up the winner of the vintage primer necklace is ....
Donna D
The winner of the $25.00 gift certificate for Primology my Etsy store is.....
And, first of all I just want to say thank you so much
  to everyone that did the research for my fun little history game, and participated !
I like to have a little fun with games like that , and I am so glad you did too.
Also , I just saw that there is a show on the history channel about the history of the camera if anyone is interested in photographic history . 
Ok , ok ,ok
The winner of the free spot for the "Fly Handmade Journal Exploration Workshop " is.........
 to everyone thanks so much for playing:))))
I haven't checked yet, but please , please, if you are one of the winners make sure I can get to your email address somehow . Sometimes people don't realize they don't have them on their blogger profile and it makes it hard to find you :)
Blessings to all of you , and have a wonderful week. Is it already Wednesday?

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