Some End of the Summer Fun for Me and You, a video Tute!

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  Well where did the summer go?
Along with our annual vacation to Florida, and 
wonderful extended visit with my Dad coming from 
California, we did a lot of  much needed 
"Home Work" literally, including Reagan's Dance 
room that she requested oh so long ago. 
Yes, with being the last child you find that 
there is ...more space! So she quickly layed dibs
on the last one out's bedroom, and then sweetly asked Mom
and Dad for a "dance room". Considering all
of the hours, and hours per week of training and practice she devotes to this, how
could we refuse?
Let a Little Whimsy Shine in Your Day

Something to Share With YOU :)
Before the hustle and bustle begins all over again,
Reagan and I had one more  afternoon of art adventure,
"mono printing" on gelatin!
This is a very addicting endeavor for sure. 
You can create the most beautiful backrounds, with 
layers of color and pattern. 
We wanted to share this with you , so here are the recipe,
and a video of the hang tags we did !

You can get a product called "Gelli Plate" if you really
get into this , and don't like waiting for gelatin to set. It
runs about $30.00 for an 8x10.
However, this is a great and economical way to see if you
enjoy this method. And so fun to try with the kids!

Recipe for Gelatin for mono prints
6 cups water
12 packets plain old gelatin (any brand)
Basically and very simply, you are doubling the gelatin amount on the recipe on the box. 
So you can make it in any amount that you would like . This size recipe works nicely for either a 
metal cookie sheet, or 9x12 glass pan like we used.

Slowly stir in 3 cups of COLD water to gelatin powder (it will thicken quickly). 
Slowly stir in 3 cups boiling water to mixture.
Note that this is backwards from the normal way you make gelatin :)

pour into glass pan, or cookie sheet. I line mine with wax paper and it makes it easy to pull out
after. Skim off , or pop any bubbles that form on top.

Place in fridge until set. 

NOTE: sometimes it's nice to make 2 at a time because it will start splitting etc if left out 
of fridge too long , and you will probably want to keep playing!
2 will last longer !!!

Once gelatin is set you can pop it out and use either side you want. 

Our big , huge , DIVET in our gelatin was due to DH throwing his sports bottle
on it!
Who does that?
Thank goodness he did know it was one of my crazy concoctions, and definately
was not being served for dinner lol.
It turned out to be a very nice whimsical "window" in our prints!
Every cloud has a silver lining :)
We made the video after quite a lot of larger prints were made, so you 
can see the gelatin starting to split there in the center. That happens after
a lot of use. If you have 2, alternate them after 15-20 minutes out of the 
fridge to keep them "youthful". 

We cleaned in between each layer of paint with "Clorox" wipes. They don't scratch the
surface , and dries almost instantly and doesn't leave surface wet. It's quickly ready for the next epic layer!
poor out some acrylic paint , it can be more than one color
if you wish.

 Spread with a brayer , credit card, piece of card board, etc. (I would
avoid anything that may tear into the gelatin)
 Add string, stamps, anything to make shapes(lids etc.)
stensils, cut out shapes in paper, etc . FUN
Place paper of choice onto gelatin , and press gently.
Let dry , and then add more layers!
These make awesome backgrounds for your
future mixed media paintings!
Or, if you use a beautiful stencil , etc they are great
as finished pieces as well.
This exercise really gets those creative juices flowing
if you are having a little block. There are no wrongs here, and
if you don't like it, make another layer!

Now for the video!
Reagan and I did this one in fun with my new iphone 5 I got from DH for my
birthday last week. We did not use a tripod , or my normal video camera and
equipment . We just passed it back in forth when it was each others turn :)
We had a lot of fun "building" of each other's layers.
Hope you enjoy, and let me know if you try this
at home :)
(also happy to answer any questions , just leave comment or email me :)

Fun Mono Printing on Gelatin Video

Blessings to you,

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