Back From Country Living Show

 I am back from the show, and had a wonderful time seeing 
everyone, and being with friends Paula , and Kari . 
Kari's wonderful artwork will also be joining me in
Atlanta Ga for Country Living in October. 
And, Paula and Kari will both be with me.
Exicted! (paula also promised to bring her awesome boot cuffs)
I am so glad they are able to both come to both!

(Kari and me)
 I hate to share a bad note at all,
but feel like I just have to let you all know, as some of 
you may be starting your fall show seasons as well, and I don't want
 this to happen to you all.   Or, you just may spot 
some of my work where it shouldn't be!

 I have never had this happen before on this scale.
Unfortunately, Every  time the 3 of us turned around there was another
large piece stolen!
and another, and another,
They even stole the necklace of the cage doll that is in Art Doll Quarterly Magazine this issue!

 What really toasted my cookies, was that they stole my class
samples for my upcoming workshop that starts in November!
Who does that?????
My husband says I am very sheltered , and maybe so, but 
you just don't expect it in a warm friendly experience such as that. At least
I don't. Everyone comes to have  a wonderful time and see all
of the creations, and share , and visit, and
someone has to attempt to spoil it.
they didn't,
 as a great time was still had by all!

I just want to put that warning out there to you all that are doing the fall shows, as
I heard it was an organized group of women that were
doing it with pretty lined shopping tote carts! 
Again , Seriously?

 (Paula and me :)
So be careful , and be safe. Who needs to say that
when you are talking about art and craft shows? LOL 
Any ways, 
love you guys, and if my one negative nelly post saves some
of your stuff then it was well worth it :)
see you in Atlanta!
and just to let you know the early bird special is running through 
October 1, for "Solder and Spice workshop!"
55.00 now through october 1st!
you can see all details on my online workshop page here on the blog , or on my etsy store.
(somebody is just walking around with the class samples doing some free advertising for me ? LOL)

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