Country Living , and a Doll Posting!!!

Just finished this little girlie !
She is one of my little "worry doll" necklace series .

Why "Worry Doll" am I worried?
No, not at all , Ill explain :))
I have always ,always loved dolls.
So, when I make them into a necklace 
whether it is metal, or German 
Mohair as this one is, I tend to
kind of hold them when I am wearing them,
cause its comforting, and fun! Just
like holding a real doll , only tiny :))
So , I always think of  a "worry stone" 
because my hands are always on them.

 This little one measures approx.6"  tall from hat to shoes.
She has german bathing doll legs with
my favorite Mary Jane shoes!
Old German arms, and her face is one of my 
really old ones from the 1850s-60s.!
And guess what? 
I will have a just a few at  Country Living Atlanta , but....

I am offering this one tomorrow night at 8 pm!
At exactly 8pm eastern time  this little witchy will go live 
on my Etsy.
She is completely handmade and one of a kind 
and will go to the first adoptive home .

"Ellis" adopted , and on her way
to her new home.Thank you!

 Teddy Witch in Papier Mache candy pail.
One More Week !
 You can still get the early bird special for "Solder and Spice!"
workshop for just one more week to save $10.00 !!
On October 1, it will go to it's original purchase price of 65.00

 Kari , me , and Paula at Country Living Magazine Fair Columbus
See you at the Fair!

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