Back From Country Living Show Adventure!

I have to say I felt a little  like this guy at the Country Living Fair this year!
It was unseasonably
chilly at Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta . At the very 
last minute I threw 3 light coats in my suitcase just in case , and
ended up wearing all 3 at once :))

 That didn't stop the merriment one bit however , 
and many ooak little ones traveled off on new
adventures to their new homes.
papier mache , and spun cotton dollies
 spun cotton dolls
 ALL of the Ellies found adoptive families.
I will be busy, busy  creating more of the spun cotton dollies
for Christmas. 
I know, where is all of the metal Shari? 
Well after the "dissapearance" of all of the metal work last show in Columbus,
I was just more in the dollie mood creating wise ,so that's what came out.
I am super duper excited that it is almost time for 
Just 6 more days until "Solder and Spice " begins!
 If you want to join us in some  metal exploration fun , you can still sign up 
here on the blog under online classes at the top of the page, or on my Etsy 
We are going to create these gorgeous flowers too !!! Woo Hoo!

 On the way home from Atlanta Kari had suggested that we stop by Jerry's Artorama!
OMG Well , that is just about my favorite online place in the world  , right up there with Rio Grande as my all time fav supply heaven.
But , I had never been to an actual store , as we do not have them here .
We stopped at the Jerry's in Knoxville TN .
Right off I spotted the Matte Gel Medium, 
in GIANT ,beautiful ,buckets....
and more buckets . 
Oh my gosh who doesn't need this by the gallon?

 I was mesmorized by all of the beautiful handmade  papers
I didn't even know they carried these!
I got some for little  miss Reagan of course.

Well ,
we may have just got a little carried away in our happy place . (just a tiny bit)

But I was completely tickled to death when they went to print Kari's receipt.


As it got longer.....

 and longer....
 and longer.....
 This poor guy almost had to step out outside to finish printing  !
can't wait to see all the beautiful gorgeous things she creates, and teaches, with
all this wonderfulness! (clicking on her photo will take you to her blog to
see what she is currently teaching :)
Everyone in the Jerry's in Knoxville was super friendly , and  helpful , and even
helped us carry out our goodies to the cars.
Can't wait to go back!
Blessings to you,

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