This Year My Resolution Chose Me :) Happy 2014 a Few Hours Early !


 The hippo book mark for my Dad  I promised to show you.
Presents to my family are usually slightly more "cutesy " than my normal 
For weeks I couldn't wait for my Happy New Years 2014 Post! Because,
 I was so excited about
the coming year, and the creations I was finally going to get to
work on out of my sketch book , the workshops that I had been 
dreaming up and chomping at the bit  to share with you were going to get filmed, and edited, The new directions for me in creating, etc etc. But , then all of the sudden it seems my first New Years resolution will be the opposite of that which I intended ....
Yes, I did.
 And no, it wasn't in the studio where I am actually very careful. 
dumb dumb dumb me.
So it seems my first resolution is to slow down ,
waaaaay down.
 For a few weeks any how. I can still  pluck out (slowly for me as i am, or was, a pretty efficient typer), and answer my daily emails
from all of my wonderful creative people in all 4 workshop classrooms.  (just please forgive the type o's ).
But the rest will have to hold for just a moment.
I am already plotting against myself however , 
and wondering what my right hand is capable of if I put some graphite, or a brush in it! It might be a cool exercise! Pounding metal out sounds painful right now however, as I am still nursing it quite a bit . I will get sick of this pretty quick I am thinking. :))

These are the last little creations for just a bit. 
This one is a book mark doll I did for my Mother in Law in 
The elephant was for Reagan , she named him "hugo". 

I hope you have a wonderful New Years, and have a happy and 
creative,  inspiring , and blessed 2014.
Blessings to you,

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